Memory Quilts

A memory quilt which can be for a particular occasion, or to reminisce over a beloved family member, friend or pet. Here are some examples:

  • Pictures or Photographs
    photos can be printed directly onto fabric which can then be incorporated or featured in a quilt. These are great in a Friendship or Wedding quilt!
  • A T-Shirt Quilt
    T-Shirts may be interesting on a quilt; College logos, sports teams, rock bands, charity events, witty sayings, etc….
    Please leave T-shirts whole to allow for all design possibilities!
  • Clothes of a Loved One
    Clothing of a loved one can be incorporated into a quilt, particularly if that loved one is no longer with you, can be warmly wrapped around you like a hug.
    Please leave clothes whole to allow for all design possibilities!

Pricing varies according to the size and complexity of the quilt, or additional materials used, such a stabilizer, to allow T-Shirts to be more workable. There will be a separate cost stated for the various materials, the labor and the quilting.

The length of time a quilt takes to make will also vary depending on the size and complexity of the pattern and quilting. Ultimately as much time as possible prior to any special event is best to ensure timely delivery.

Every quilt should have a label as a little piece of history denoting where and when the quilt was made, by whom and for whom the quilt was made. I would be delighted to include a short message from you to the recipient, especially if the quilt is to be a special gift.

Each quilt requires 6-8 weeks from start to finish depending on the difficulty of the quilt layout.

I love preserving meaningful moments!

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