Pearl’s Latest Exploits

For those of you who don’t know, Pearl is a nine year old West Highland White Terrier or should I say “terror”.  She has this really bad habit, when we are in Cape Breton, of taking off for hours at a time so now she is rarely allowed off leash.  Earlier this week, she did manage to take off around 4:00 in the afternoon.  By 10:00 she still wasn’t back and I was getting quite frantic.  A few minutes later, I hear her bark – the one that says I’m stuck, help me.  So off I go into the night with my flashlight.  It is really dark here, there are no city lights but fortunately there was good moonlight.  I’m in my pyjamas and I don’t have proper shoes on.  I follow the direction of her bark and find her stuck in a dense thicket of bushes and brambles.  Her hair was caught up in the brambles and she was unable to free herself.  I picked her up and headed home.  She was fine; I was covered in scratches from the brambles.