Long Arm Services

Long Arm Quilting Services

Custom Long Arm Machine Quilting Service

Laleham Willows Long Arm Services

Our long arm quilting services are completed on a HQ18 Avante machine.  We have a selection of over 30 quilting patterns and designs and are willing to purchase new ones to suit your needs.

The price of quilting your quilt is determined by several factors.  The longarm quilting fee is based on the size of your quilt and on the density of the quilting.

Please call ahead to make an appointment.  Your appointment will last approximately 15 – 30 mins. depending on the number of quilts you are dropping off.

Contact:   t: 519-400-7354 or e: monica@lalehamwillows.com


Edge to Edge:  This is a continuous line design that covers the entire quilt.

Edge to Edge with Border:  This service is the same as above but includes a different design on the border.

Stippling or Meandering:  This is an overall random pattern which can vary in size and density.

Custom Quilting:  This is choosing quilting designs that enhance the piecework of the quilt.  This may include stitching in the ditch, outline the appliqué and setting designs in specific areas of the quilt.

Machine Quilting Lessons and Rental

Long Arm Quilting Machine

In order to use my long arm machine yourself you must complete a Training Course.

Course includes:  loading the quilt, winding a bobbin, machine operation, meandering and pantogram training.

Hand Quilter—HQ18 Avanté offers precision stitching with 15” of quilting space. (regulated & unregulated)