Pearl’s Latest Exploits

For those of you who don’t know, Pearl is a nine year old West Highland White Terrier or should I say “terror”.  She has this really bad habit, when we are in Cape Breton, of taking off for hours at a time so now she is rarely allowed off leash.  Earlier this week, she did manage to take off around 4:00 in the afternoon.  By 10:00 she still wasn’t back and I was getting quite frantic.  A few minutes later, I hear her bark – the one that says I’m stuck, help me.  So off I go into the night with my flashlight.  It is really dark here, there are no city lights but fortunately there was good moonlight.  I’m in my pyjamas and I don’t have proper shoes on.  I follow the direction of her bark and find her stuck in a dense thicket of bushes and brambles.  Her hair was caught up in the brambles and she was unable to free herself.  I picked her up and headed home.  She was fine; I was covered in scratches from the brambles.

Last week, Rita of contacted me with an interesting proposal.  FabricPlease is an online and mobile fabric store.   She will be bringing her mobile truck to our Arlington Hotel, Paris retreat for your shopping convenience and we will be getting a 20% discount on our purchases.    So browse through her website at to see the wonderful selection of fabrics.

Frequent Quilters’ Club

Do you just love going to quilt retreats?  The quilting, the food, the camaraderie and the wine.  Then this club is for you.  Attend four of our retreats within four years and the fifth one is free.

So how does this program work?  You attend four of our retreats.  This could be one retreat a year for four years, or you could attend four in one year or any combination as long as you attend four retreats within four years.  Once the fourth retreat has been completed, you become eligible to attend the next retreat free of charge.  This free retreat must be taken within one year of the fourth retreat.

For example:

Year 1:  Retreat taken in June

Year 2:  Retreat taken in March

Year 3: Two retreats taken in May and October for a total of four retreats

You are now eligible to attend one of our retreats for free.  This free retreat must be taken within one year of the fourth retreat, in our example case, this would be by October of Year 4.

Join now as this is a limited time offer*.  Contact us for your Frequent Quilters’ Club Card.

*Offer will expire December 31, 2016

Weekend Quilting Retreat | Oct. 2015

Arlington Hotel | Oct 19-22, 2015 | Paris, Ontario

Join us at the Arlington Hotel for 4 days of quilting, quilting and more quilting, good food, fun, camaraderie and wine.

“Located in beautiful Paris, Ontario, the Arlington Hotel sits across from the Grand River and offers wonderful views of the bustling downtown. With a unique collection of rooms and suites, this historic landmark is the perfect choice for your next getaway. “  Visit their website at

The room where we will quilt directly overlooks the Grand River.  It has a wonderful vintage feel with exposed brick walls, original hardwood floors, huge windows letting in lots of natural light.  The space has been completely renovated with modern washrooms, lots of sockets for our equipment and an elevator to take our stuff from street level to the second floor where the room is located.  This room will be available to us from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm on

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Weekend Quilting Retreat | Jan. 2016

Five Oaks | Jan. 29 to Jan. 31 2016 | Paris, Ontario

Join us at the Five Oaks Education and Retreat Centre for three days of quilting, quilting and more quilting, good food, fun, camaraderie and wine.

“Five Oaks is a learning and retreat centre that nurtures renewal and transformation in a sacred, natural setting.”  Visit their website and please pay particular attention to their guest information page:  Have a look at their picture gallery to see the beautiful setting.

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Weekend Quilting Retreat | April 2016

Brant Hill Inn | April 14 to April 18,  2016  | Port Dover

Our second quilting retreat of 2016 will take place at the Brant Hill Inn in Port Dover.  Port Dover is a very pretty town located on the north shore of Lake Erie (  It has the lakefront, nice restaurants and shops.  Nearby in Simcoe is The Quilting Corner ( and in Waterford, you will find the Quilt Junction(  Both these shops are well stocked with quilting supplies.   There is also a Len’s Mill Store in Port Dover.

The Brant Hill Inn has large rooms, each with its own bathroom, mini-fridge and microwave for those late night snacks.  For more information check out their website at  We will have the whole place to ourselves, so if you want to get up in the middle of the night to work on your projects, you can.

This retreat is eligible for our Frequent Quilter’s Club and also qualifies

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Weekday Quilting Retreat | June 2016

Elm Hurst Inn & Spa | June 6 – 9, 2016 | Ingersoll

The Elm Hurst Inn is located in an historic mansion built in 1872.  The inn is renowned for its excellent cuisine and superb accommodations.  Click here to go to the Elm Hurst’s website.

Close by is the Country Patchworks quilt store

Join us for four days of quilting, good food, fun and camaraderie.  Space is limited to 20, so register early.

The retreat will include:

  • A room to quilt in from morning till night
  • All meals & overnight accommodations including taxes and gratuities.
  • We will have a couple of Babylock embellisher machines available for you to try
  • We will have a Cut and Scan Machine for you to check out.

Cost: – (these costs are per person)               Early Bird Discount **

Double Occupancy:     $495.00                                   $470.00

Single Occupancy:       $680.00                                   $655.00

** Early Bird Discount is valid until April 1st, 2016.

This includes all taxes and gratuities.  We can also provide you with a rate for triple and quad occupancy.  Please contact us for

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Remembering In Flanders Fields

A few months ago, the Guelph Civic Museum issued a call for artists to render their interpretation of “Remembering in Flanders Fields”.  Monica and I each made a fiber art piece and we were both accepted into the show.    There were around 70 entries in total and 45 were accepted for the show.  We are pretty excited about it.  The exhibition will run from March to the beginning of August.  The opening reception is this Friday, March 27th.  This is my piece on the left and Monica’s is on the right.


The 7 Qualities of Women

  1. They see the strengths, not the limitations, in others.  They make you proud to be yourself – because they tell you why you’re special.
  2. They trust you so fully that you feel compelled to meet their expectations.  Consequently, they make you feel like a better person than you normally are. 
  3. They respect you for what you have done and where you have come from. 
  4. They are authentic and don’t need you to lie to them to feed their egos.
  5. They live by their rules, but don’t expect you to follow them.  
  6. They are at peace with themselves, so they don’t have to prove anything to you.
  7. They’re good listeners and are sincerely interested in you, so you feel important.  Because they’re available for honest and genuine discussion, they make you want to share yourself.

Interview Featuring Me and My Fiber Art



As a fiber artist, I am always trying new techniques to achieve different looks in my fiber art.  The little below water scene pictured above is my first real attempt at using my embellishing/felting machine.  Various fibers are felted together.   It is finished off with hand stitched beads and charms.

I was thrilled when Debbie from Work Your Art contacted me saying she wanted to feature me on her website as Artist of the Month.  Click on the link below to see my interview with Debbie.


Why Attend a Quilt Retreat

Quilt retreats are wonderful events where you can meet fellow quilters, find inspiration and learn new techniques.

Meals might be included with your registration, or they may be provided by the event staff for a fee. Some quilt retreats require you to provide your own meals, so again, be sure to familiarize yourself with event details and specifics before you arrive. It’s also a good idea to attend all of the general gatherings at the retreat to keep up with any schedule or venue changes for the events.

Many retreat events are held at facilities that provide lodging for attendees while other events require you to arrange transportation to and from the retreat location each day.

Basic quilting supplies, such as cutting mats, rulers and rotary cutters, may or not be available at the retreat. Additionally, sewing machines are often available to rent. Using a rental machine is a great option for attendees traveling long distances or for someone who may want to try out an upgraded or new brand type of machine.

More helpful hints

Attending a quilt retreat with friends can be a lot of fun. Attending with a friend also allows you to share tools and supplies when needed (you might not all need to bring something like a travel iron or specialty ruler that is used less frequently).

Get plenty of rest before you attend since you’ll most likely be sewing and socializing more than sleeping at one of these events.

Most of all, prepare to have an incredible time learning and developing a new appreciation for the art of quilting.

Molas & Mock Molas

I recently became interested in molas.  Molas are the brightly colored appliqué panels made only in the San Blas region of Panama by the Kuna Indians.  Despite their limited provenance, these dazzling textiles have interested collectors and inspired artists all over the world.  At first sight, people who have never before seen a mola feel that they have made an exciting new discovery.  They are immediately attracted by the engaging designs, brilliant hues, and meticulous stitching.  After this after encounter, nearly all lovers of textiles become appreciative collectors of the appliqué panels and they may even incorporate molas into their own art work or simply enjoy them as is, hanging on a wall or draped over the back of a chair.  (Taken from “Molas – Patterns, Techniques, Projects for Colorful Appliqué by Kate Mathews)

Traditional molas are needle turned, hand appliquéd; mock molas are made using a sewing machine.

On the left is a traditional mola; on the right is one I made using the machine and embellishments.


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Curves, Wedges & Wonky Log Cabins Workshop

Monica & I attended a workshop on Saturday led by Maggie Vanderweit of Stone Threads Fibre Art.  The workshop introduced us to techniques for stitching Curves, Wedges and Wonky Log Cabins.  We learned several new techniques from Maggie which will be very helpful as we develop our skills in making art quilts.  Maggie is a very generous instructor, freely sharing her techniques and tips.